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Quick look at Friday’s Show

    • T-Pain and Lil Wayne Album
    • Chance The Rapper Dancing
    • Pizza Hut Employees Fight
    • Throwback Jam


Feel Good Friday News and Notes

There are a lot of big hip-hop releases today . . . Snoop Dogg, Faith Evans’ Notorious B.I.G. duets album . . . and T-PAIN and LIL WAYNE have finally put out their joint mixtape, “T-Wayne”(The UNCENSORED album is on Soundcloud.)  They’ve been teasing it for a while now, and it just randomly hit the Internet yesterday.  There are eight tracks, and the best one is probably “He Rap He Sang”.  Of course, back in the day they collaborated on “Got Money” and “Can’t Believe It”.


CHANCE THE RAPPER dances in the video for “May I Have This Dance” by FRANCIS AND THE LIGHTS . . . and he’s got some smooth moves. Chance is featured on the track.  And by the way, if you haven’t heard it yet, it DEFINITELY has a Peter Gabriel vibe to it.   A lot of kids like to make their own videos to rap songs and post them online . . . but we’ve come across a really GOOD one.  The kid’s name is Isaiah, and the video is done to “Addicted to My Ex” by M-City J.R.


A Pizza Hut employee in Georgia got into an argument with a coworker on Tuesday over the sloppy way she was putting toppings on pizza . . . and eventually he PEPPER SPRAYED her.  The cops have put out a warrant for his arrest. More…


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