It’s Friday!!! Will somebody please tell me what’s really going on. Everyday we either wake-up or go to bed with a new chapter of nonsense it is so hard to avoid forming your own opinion about what’s is going on. You hear stuff you see stuff and you think I know these people don’t think we are that naive to let it just slide…..I mean come on man!!!! You try to make sense of the nonsense and you find yourself confused this is crazy……..I checked into the station this morning and the first call I get is a listeners expressing an opinion about this nonsense and it’s just not about the one comment or one crazy statement everyday it’s something new. Ayyyyyy It’s Friday!!! Somebody please make sense of all this nonsense….


CARDI B  respond to haters  on social media and she really don’t care what other people think here’s a sample….

FERGIE-less BLACK EYED PEAS  put out a new video “Street Livin”   check out the video

Topic of The Day

Your side Hustle…..

My side job is I’m the candy lady in the neighborhood. Renee

What’s up mailman Christiana TGIF you all know mines Photography and videographer

I cook/cater! Shop Lynn’s Creations when you’re hungry!

Telemarketing & sales calls and virtual assisting for small business owners I’ve met on Facebook -Quita

Kiki from brookhaven
My side hustle is either working a part time job (which I do ) or doing some hair baby sit

A personal trainer is a great hustle

Throwback Jam For the Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta!!!!

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