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Quick look at Thursday’s Show

    • Lil Yachty Paying College Bills
    • Queen Latifah Used The Bible To Get Sober
    • Ludacris Favorite Lyric
    • Throwback Jam

Keep it Moving News and Notes

One of the more bizarre trends in hip-hop is rappers promising to pay their followers’ college bills.  NICKI MINAJ did it back in May . . . and now LIL YACHTY is going to do it.  He Tweeted, quote, “I’ll be paying some tuitions this year.  [I’ll] drop details very soon on how you can get in on this.  I love you students!” He also said, “I wanna take a few lucky families back-to-school shopping.  All information will be on my site.  It’s time to give back.”  These Tweets came after Lil Yachty was criticized for blowing around $150,000 on a new diamond chain and 100-carat pendant with his likeness on it.

QUEEN LATIFAH turned to the Bible to stop drinking and drugging after her brother was killed in a motorcycle accident back in 1992.  She said, quote, “I was rocked to the core.  I felt guilty because I got angry at God . . .”[But] understanding that God never leaves us helped me realize my brother was in a better place.  In life, you’ll go through ups and downs, but you will come back up eventually.

LUDACRIS says his favorite rap lyric of all time is when PIMP C rapped, quote, “This game [effed] up, I ain’t got no friends.  I done spent my last $70,000 on a drop-top Benz.  Ugh, and I’m a trill [N-word], down to put the forty-five to his Hilfiger.”  He dropped these lines on the 1998 C MURDER track “AKickDoe!”


SERENA WILLIAMS sat down for a new interview where she talks about how making a ton of money has never really mattered to her.  She only cares about winning.  And this actually makes me believe it . . . The first time she ever got a check for more than $1 MILLION . . . she tried to deposit it at her bank’s DRIVE-THRU.  (???)

It’s not clear if she tried to jam the check in an ATM.  But this would’ve been years ago, so it was probably one of those vacuum tube things.  She says the check was so big, they wouldn’t let her do it.  She had to park and go inside.  (You can check out the full interview, here.  The check part is at the 2:30 mark.)

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