DJ Jonasty 2-7p Weekends


DJ Jonasty got his start in radio in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since! He believes radio is the coolest job in the world and loves every minute of working. He was inspired when he saw Samuel L. Jackson playing radio host “Mister Senor Love Daddy” from WLUV Radio in Spike Lee’s movie, “Do the Right Thing”.

Jonasty realized radio was the perfect job for him. So he set out to achieve his goal. He left his Chicago home for school at Jackson State University in Mississippi. He started mixing and volunteering at the school station, WJSU. His first club gig was a Que party at Palm Beach during Capital City Classic Weekend in 2002.

Since his “classic” experience, DJ Jonasty has been working and spinning; and he only has plans to go further. Check out how the party animal keeps the party jumping, on weekends on 99 Jams WJMI!


Wanna get to know DJ Jonasty better? Check out his fun facts below!


What are your favorite movies? Boyz in the Hood, Menace II Society, Crush Groove, Breakin’ (1 and 2), The Warriors, Beat Street, Last Dragon, Coming to America, you know, the classics!

What are your favorite things to do? I enjoy playing basketball, reading, drawing, listening to music, and of course, the “nightlife”.

Have you ever been in a fist fight?  ABSOLUTELY. . .

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Whenever my DJ equipment messes up in a packed club. That’s the worst!!

What’s your advice on dating? Be honest. Be honest. Uhh, be honest. When you’re lying, it’s never gonna be good (period). Oh, and again, be honest!

What’s your hidden talent? I know how to do the slide out! Does that count?!?

What’s your go-to ghetto meal when you’re at home? Noodles and water or a sugar sandwich! LOL


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