Mississippi Sinatra  6-9a Sunday   

Mississippi Sinatra began honing his DJ skills early in life. From practicing for hours at home with much family criticism, he was given the opportunity to be the school DJ while in middle school at Rowan in Jackson, MS. He successfully worked all the school dances and finally brought home a check! His family finally stopped pulling the plug and calling the police on his practice sessions and started supporting his dream.

Sinatra’s love of music and passion for mixing led him to set his goal for working in radio. He credits God’s blessing him with the chance to work on the two top radio stations in the city. He also mixes for clubs and parties. He has received the DJ of the Year award and the Best Step Daddy award. Check out Mississippi Sinatra 6a-9a Sundays on WJMI 99.7 FM on the Hip Hop Rewind “Old School” show.


Wanna get to know Mississippi Sinatra better? Check out his fun facts below!

 Describe yourself. I’m quiet, shy, and nice. I love everybody. People often compare me to Ezell from the movie, Friday!

Describe your sound on the radio. Hood! I keep it real!! LOL God put me here to make people laugh and enjoy life. So that’s what I do.

What’s your go-to Ghetto meal when you’re at home? Chicken and white light bread with hot sauce… Da Munchies!!! LOL

What’s your secret addiction? Moneyyyyyyyy

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Any time my nose is running, and I don’t know it, I am embarrassed!

What are your favorite TV shows and movies?Sanford & Son, Good Times, Martin, Friday, and Janky Promoters.


Bio by Kendra Wright


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