Can you recall the times when you were young care free and had no worries. Remember the times oh throwback days…..Classic clothing, Classic Cars, Classic Toys, so this morning on the show we talked about toys that you would put in the Toy Hall of Fame. The response brought back memories of some toys that were so simple but were fun to play with like that popcorn popper on two wheels the Easy Bake Oven Jacks and Marbles even made the list. Now kids are so quick to get bored with toys and board games, kids are now focused on tablets and phones no time for simple toys and board games. With Christmas approaching maybe for just a few moments we can remember the times oh yeah throwback days…..list of toys already in the Hall of Fame

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What happens when you put diesel fuel in a car that use gas…may not happen because as you know that nozzles on diesel fuel pumps are too big to fit in most newer cars. If you have a clueless teenager and they accidentally did that you would probably be looking at replacing your engine….just a random thought!!! read more

Eminen released a single “Walk on Water”  featuring Beyonce maybe the album will be released this Friday sources say. Eminen performed the song at the MTV Europe  Music Awards..check it out..

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