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“Kennedy”, is a sassy southern belle with a certain savoir faire that comes from life changing experiences with people from all walks of life. The Florida native was drawn to radio at an early age and dreamed of an entertainment-filled future. She spent her childhood learning the art of music and performance, and of course, being a candid character for her family and friends. She credits Tom Joyner and Doug Banks with being the first radio personalities to appeal to the theater of her mind with their popular Chicago show.

While a student, she interned at Radio One’s 107.9 The Beat in Philadelphia, and it kindled her appetite for more media. She completed her studies in Audio Production and Music Business in Washington, DC before embarking on a graduate program in Mississippi. She credits her many moves across the country with forcing her to be politically poised. The Renaissance woman holds degrees in Political Science and Urban Planning and fully supports the socially conscious roots of hip hop.

A rare opportunity landed her on 99 JAMs WJMI in the mornings opposite The Mailman. In addition, she started work behind the scenes in television shortly after. She is frequently featured on commercial ads to demonstrate her vocal versatility. Often called private, she has become known for her very personal interview approach that makes anyone she’s talking to feel like they are the only thing that matters.

Kennedy is a motivational speaker with a concerned heart for others, and she always has an encouraging word, an opinionated social commentary (“soapbox” moment), or a good bit of gossip (a.k.a. entertainment news) to bring to the conversation. The aspiring media maven does features on television as a political analyst & culture critic, writes content for multiple platforms, and can be heard every weekend on Alpha Media’s 99 Jams!

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And checkout her fun facts below!!

What’s your favorite movie?  It’s so hard to pick just one! I like all genres. But I have to say that I loved the Best Man Holiday and I think movies like Belly and Brown Sugar should be considered classics.

What’s your favorite food and drink?  Lemon pepper wings with the freeze cup! LOL but really I love pizza and wings with a cold drink!

OK, what’s one weird fact about you? Most facts about me are weird! LOL I like cleaning up though. That’s weird enough. Right?

What’s your hidden talent?  Probably dancing, since I rarely dance anymore.

What are your favorite things to do? I’m a pretty nerd, so I dig reading, but I also love shopping, quality time with friends and family, and being active.

What’s your secret addiction? It’s definitely sports. People act like girls can’t be into sports, but I grew up in a “game” watching family. It’s just what we do.

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Once I waited to comb out my hair for a job interview, so it wouldn’t get frizzy in the weather. But when I got to the building, the bathroom was locked. I had to get a key from the office I was interviewing with – Hair wrapped and ALL!

I was devastated!!