“Who run the world? Girls!” And that rings true with Beyoncé whom never disappoints! As one of the best or THEE best performer(s) of the 21st century, we wonder how she manages to continuously top her previous performances! Well, leave it to Queen Bey to get’er done and she definitely has her beyhive buzzing about it! It does not matter whether Mrs. Carter is performing collaborations, in a group or solo, she shuts it down every single time.  Most would have probably been sleeping when the clock struck 12 midnight, but not this morning.  And we think we know why… BEYONCE!

Beyoncé did not come to Coachella to play; she came to SLAY while making festival history for being the first African American female to headline! Of course, she took this historical moment seriously and put on a 2-hour show for all to remember.  We can officially now refer to Coachella as #BEYchella and she made sure her beyhive could bear witness to every minute via LIVE streams!  From a Nina Simone tribute to a duet with her Mr. Carter, Jay-Z and hitting the stage with her sister, Solange to of course, an amazing Destiny’s Child reunion, we got our entire lives!  See more deetz here

But it gets better! She paid homage to HBCUs with an entire marching band (shout out to that drumline) accompanying her phenomenal performance with majorette-style dance routines encompassing and to add a taste of versatility mix to her flavor, Bey STOPS… and sings the National Anthem mid-show! Talk about breath control and executed all of this effortlessly. Of course, we cannot overlook Beyoncé singing praises to the Greeks with her crop-top, golden-hooded “BΔK” sweatshirt apparel and steppers! Can we say, PROBATE? Bey, we see ya! 

Let’s just say HBCUs better take advantage of this Summer season and make sufficient space for fall enrollment, as it will definitely be through the roof! Hey HBCUs, just say, “‘Heyyyyyy Mrs. Carter’, we thank you!” LOL! You can see why right here


#BEYChella! Need I say more… #DropsMic #ExitsStageLeft

P. S. I know my ladies are in the gyms right now, as we all want to be able to sashay like Queen Beyoncé! LOL

~Chelle B







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