Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

A look back at fun and memorable Obama moments… What are some of your most fondest moments when Obama was in office? Outside of former President Obama being about the business, he always had a swag, smoothness and sense of humor side to him as well.

Of course we adore the authentic love displayed between he and former First Lady, Michelle Obama, but how about those guest appearances on late night talk shows, his serenading moments and the famous, “Obama out” bit, just to name a few? All of these special moments and more, made Barack one dope President!

Well, since today, August 4th is 44’s birthday, let me binge-post a few of my favorite Obama moments!

Who remembers when Obama dropped those surprising, nice vocals of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together?” I remember smiling from ear to ear and thinking to myself, “My, he sings too!”

How about when he shared the mic with late, great B.B. King and many others at the White House’s Red, White and Blues event singing a brief piece of “Sweet Home Chicago?”  See below:

And who wouldn’t want Obama to sing Happy Birthday to you personally? Just goes to show how cool, relatable and genuine he was and is to the american people!

As aforementioned, we adore Barack and Michelle’s love, but I would be remiss not to share a couple of my favorite mushy moments of the two!

I believe I can speak for us all when I say that our hearts melted when Barack and Michelle took the stage at their Inaugural Ball for their first dance and was serenaded by Queen Bey, Beyonce!

Leave it to Obama to cause another tear-jerker, as he thanked Michelle and his daughters for standing by him throughout his journey as the first African-American President of the United States of America! See below:

But hey, we cannot forget Barack Obama’s sense of humor! Do you remember his Slow Jam the News on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?  Well how about Obama going out with a bang at his final White House Correspondent’s Dinner with the famous meme, “Obama out?” Check them both out below:

To one heck of a President whom has made history in more ways than one, HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY, BARACK OBAMA!

Trending Bizz CHELLE B Brought To You!

Drake #InMyFeelingsChallenge / #KiKiChallenge 

“In My Feelings” challenge has gone viral worldwide! It has gained so much attention that Drake’s music video features several of the viral videos including comedian, Shiggy, whom started the challenge! Not to mention, the star-studded celeb appearances in the video. See below:

The G.O.A.T: LeBron James

Kudos to King James! LeBron recently opened an elementary school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.  #IPromise school is currently only for third and fourth-graders, but by 2022, the dream school will be opened for 1st – 8th graders! Not only is the school STUNNING, what stands out the most is what will be guaranteed to students:

  • Free tuition
  • Free uniforms
  • Free breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Free transportation within 2 miles
  • A free bicycle and helmet
  • Access to a food pantry for their family
  • Guaranteed tuition for all graduates to the University of Akron

The look on the little boy’s face when he first walked into his new school was priceless and leaves you speechless! See below:

See full story and more here

Wishing students, teachers and administrators all over a very successful school year!

~Chelle B



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