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Chelle B

“Chelle B”, a Tickled PINK fanatic is a Jackson, MS native & graduate of Jackson State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Graduating with a 4.0 GPA in her major just wasn’t enough. She really wanted to explore the world of Entertainment, a field she’s loved since her youth. Therefore, pursued her graduate studies at Full Sail University with a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business. Striving to be the very best, “Chelle B” graduated as Salutatorian of her class with a 4.0 GPA & was ready to hit the world of Entertainment by storm!
Within the last semester of her graduate studies, “Chelle B” was afforded the opportunity to intern in DC for four months with BET (a dream come true). Her experiences at BET made her narrow down exactly what she wanted to do in such a colossal industry. She found love for Production and Broadcasting. After completing her internship with BET & graduating from Full Sail,
“Chelle B” was afforded yet another opportunity to intern with YMF Media Mississippi (now Alpha Media-Jackson) in the Fall of 2012.
Another dream comes true with Alpha Media-Jackson! The BIG Station 99 Jams WJMI afforded her the opportunity as their newest On-Air Personality, “Chelle B” in January 2013.
“Chelle B” lives by two philosophies: (1) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and (2) A SETBACK is a SETUP for a COMEBACK! Seeing it all come to fruition, being hired as an On-Air Personality has put validity to her philosophies & has shown her that when it is YOUR season, it just is YOUR season! This will not be the last of “Chelle B!” It’s just the beginning!
Rock with this Weekend Diva on Saturday nights as she does it like #ItChelleBDone from 7pm-Midnight!
Want to get to know “Chelle B” a little better? Check out her fun facts below:
What is your favorite color? Everyone who knows me knows that PINK is my signature color! Has been every since I knew of the color as a child. I always say I have an excuse to wear pink because I am a PROUD October baby (LIBRAS!!! LOL) and PINK is my birthstone as well!
Any special organizations you are affiliated with? Proud member of the Illustrious Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated! And yes, my line name is Tickled PINK go figure LOL!
Favorite Movies? I am such a mush! I believe in the fairytales! Therefore, I love Romance movies! I also love to laugh; therefore, I love Comedies! But to have the best of both worlds is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Therefore, I LOVE Romance Comedies! 🙂
How about hidden talents? Well it may be hidden to my reading and listening audience, but everyone who knows me knows that I sing! Another goal to tackle on my Bucket List!
How did you get the name “Chelle B” and anything weird about you? Well my name is Michelle Boyd & over the years people have either called me Chelle or Chelle B. I loved the latter, so I stuck with it! Mmmm, something weird? I do not like cornbread (love rolls), but love Dressing! I actually like the smell of Sharpie and Dry Erase Markers! (Don’t judge me LOL!) I am married to Jamie Foxx (in my head lol), he just doesn’t know it yet!
Favorite foods and drinks? BUFFALO WINGS, CAKE & FRUITY DRINKS!!! 🙂