The Mailman

The Mailman delivers weekday mornings from 6 to 10am! He is excited about radio and radio production, and he consistently brings amazing mixes to the lineup. This creative thinker attended Rust College and pledged Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. He started out in a television ?internship? but got a taste of radio and couldn’t go back.

A humble guy with a BIG voice, Mailman is a Dj, host, and regular personality, visiting area middle and high schools for pep rallies and mentoring programs. He enjoys interacting with listeners and especially, the youth. He is a music enthusiast who loves “real” artists.

Start your morning off right with Mailman and Christiana!

Tune in for:

Birthdays                                                       7:10 a                    

Morning Movie Trivia                             7:15 a

Topic of the Day                                         7:30 a

“What’s the name of that song?”       8:10 a 


Wanna get to know The Mailman Better? Check out his Fun Facts Below!


What are your favorite things to do? I like fishing and sports.

What’s your favorite meal? Italian food! I love pizza or spaghetti with a Mountain Dew

What’s your secret addiction? Definitely, Mountain Dew.

Describe Your sound on the radio. Well it’s sometimes corny and misleading. But when people see me they say, “Man, I thought you’d be bigger than that!”

What’s your favorite quote? “Excuses are for the weak and incompetent. Those who specialize in them are capable of nothing.”